Since April, employees of Pershing Technology Services Corporation (PTSC) have assembled a reading association for the company. Initiated by newcomer and member of the Strategic Product Unit (SPU), Sera Huang, the association holds biweekly meetings with each session being facilitated by a different member of the group. The recent Covid-19 wave hasn’t slowed down the group’s progress as meetings have smoothly transitioned to using Microsoft Teams. Below, members give feedback about the reading association as well as reactions to the first book chosen, Simon Sinek’s, The Infinite Game.

Some of the members of PTSC’s Reading Association in one of their earlier meetings. Clockwise from bottom left: Sera Huang, Nancy Chang, Jeffrey Schwab, Feby Chen.

“Reading can promote thinking. In addition, ordinary conversations only touch one side of people’s personalities. With a reading association, we can open up the exchange of ideas amongst people through book after book, taking a deeper dive in understanding the friends and colleagues around us.”-Co-Founder of the PTSC Reading Association, Sera Huang

A Sit-Down with Einstein

After staving off the coronavirus for a year and a half, Taiwan is amidst its second wave of Covid-19, pushing the government to enforce level 3 restrictions since May 20th. While never having entered a complete lockdown, the restrictions have impacted life with most businesses initiating a work from home (WFH) policy. In addition to taking care of our own employees with WFH, Pershing Technology Services Corporation (PTSC), has also taken the time and care to reach out and help with donations to medical funds in Taipei and New Taipei City.

PTSC initiated a 1+1 fundraising campaign during the first week of June with the company pledging to match the amount donated by employees. The donations totalling 94, 800 TWD went to the Taipei and New Taipei City Government Epidemic Prevention Funds.

E-mail Bravery

“The space of an hour on a page (maybe more, maybe less) to fill or leave empty — sometimes the fear of it, sometimes the knowledge and anticipation of it, sometimes the two (maybe three) being one and the same.” — from a recent letter written by my older brother.

Where is Shinji?

自成立以來,福爾摩沙即興組合(FIG)一直致力於透過即興表演來建立社群網絡,在積極充滿活力的城市-台北-激發並鼓舞即興表演的精神。本文主要針對沒有參與過我們每週一的即興工作坊的潛在表演者對於工作坊的介紹。我與FIG的現任工作坊都督Liam Fanning有深入探討對於FIG的工作坊在2021年及往後的發展期望。

演出後的FIG成員。 FIG非常幸運能夠繼續與Two Three Comedy合作支持即興社群的工作坊和每月演出。

“在FIG,我們認為即興表演應該是一種利益共享。我們致力於為來自不同背景和經驗的參與者提供雙語指導的即興體驗,並分享經驗建立社群網絡。” -Liam Fanning

In April of 2021, Pershing Technology Service Corporation (PTSC) cooperated with Guandu Nature Park 關渡自然公園 to have our first Spring Volunteer Day. Below is an account of the experience, as well as some of the feedback from the participants and hosts.

Members of PTSC staff, along with friends and family, joined in for the company’s volunteer day in mid April at Guandu Nature Park.

“Businesses can no longer operate with the sole aim of making profits at the expense of the environment, society, economy, consumers and employees. Companies need to consider how they can give back to society, and this can help you attract customers and keep your best employees.” — from “The Growing Importance of Social Responsibility in Business,” Forbes Magazine, November, 2020

This piece is especially for those out there with children. Just wondering what your baby anthem is? What are the songs that you play at certain times of the day for your infant? I didn’t know that I would have a baby anthem, but it turns out the anthem is only just beginning.

Feeding Time

The Clock Stops

American residing in Asia since 2004. Blogs focusing on life observations, improv, food, creating a learning organisation, management, and stretching time.

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