Birth in the Time of Covid: The God with the Shiny Fingers

What time is it for you, Mr. Faulkner?

The best place to start is in the middle because a starting point would mean an ending point, and an ending point would mean the cessation of everything as we know it.

Elevated to near mythical status, George Leslie Mackay is the most prominent missionary to have made a long-lasting impact in Taiwan. Mackay Memorial Hospital is named for him, and there’s even a library and gallery of photos of Mackay and his life while in Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty. This is perhaps the most iconic photo of Mackay, seen here giving a guerrilla dental check-up to Taiwanese locals.
Our card issued to us by Mackay Memorial Hospital indicating the different frozen embryos we have in freezer storage, in addition their ranking. We went with 4AA for this first round.
Artist’s rendering of the magic moment. Although it’s slightly inaccurate (the right elbow should be resting on the table, and the model of the uterus on the table is not drawn to scale), the reader can still get a visual image of Dr. Li in action here.



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