Infinite Horizons Through Reading

Since April, employees of Pershing Technology Services Corporation (PTSC) have assembled a reading association for the company. Initiated by newcomer and member of the Strategic Product Unit (SPU), Sera Huang, the association holds biweekly meetings with each session being facilitated by a different member of the group. The recent Covid-19 wave hasn’t slowed down the group’s progress as meetings have smoothly transitioned to using Microsoft Teams. Below, members give feedback about the reading association as well as reactions to the first book chosen, Simon Sinek’s, The Infinite Game.

Some of the members of PTSC’s Reading Association in one of their earlier meetings. Clockwise from bottom left: Sera Huang, Nancy Chang, Jeffrey Schwab, Feby Chen.

“Reading can promote thinking. In addition, ordinary conversations only touch one side of people’s personalities. With a reading association, we can open up the exchange of ideas amongst people through book after book, taking a deeper dive in understanding the friends and colleagues around us.”-Co-Founder of the PTSC Reading Association, Sera Huang

Always looking for new members to share what we’re reading. “Keep yourself in a learning mindset and be more open to different ideas.” — Sera Huang

Gathering the Crew

Peter Senge talks about the challenge of creating organisations where people are “working together at their best…and it’s a continuous, relentless process to keep LEARNING how to work together at our best.”

“I am a person who likes to buy books, but I often can’t finish them. I hope that through reading, I will be able to read a book completely. I also hope that I can broaden my knowledge by communicating with other reading companions!” — Nancy Chang, PTSC HR

On the left is PTSC HR, Nancy Chang, and on the right is Feby Chen, member of PTSC’s Center for Strategic Innovation (CSI) on a recent trip they took to Penghu 澎湖 together. “I’ve always liked reading, but through the reading association, I can motivate myself to read some books that I wouldn’t otherwise know about.” — Feby Chen

Starting with The Infinite Game

“Infinite games have infinite horizons. And because there is no finish line, no practical end to the game, there is no such thing as “winning” an infinite game. In an infinite game, the primary objective is to keep playing, to perpetuate the game.” — Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

Simon Sinek talks about finite and infinite games throughout history and business.
Members of the PTSC Reading Association using Microsoft Teams boardroom view during the recent work from home restrictions in Taiwan.
Pictured here is PTSC Manager and member of the Reading Association, Andy Huang (right), PTSC Marketing Manager and newly added member, Brian Chang (seated), and PTSC Chairman, Sean Chen (left). “We can treat this book [The Infinite Game] as a tool at work, many examples can be learned and implemented.” — Andy Huang
A visual representation of Sinek’s 5 keys to infinite games.

“After reading “The Infinite Game,” I will have a more positive attitude towards pursuing what I think is meaningful.” — Reading Association co-founder, Sera Huang

“We can find a Just Cause that inspires us; surround ourselves with others with whom we share common cause, people we trust and who trust us.” — Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game



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