New Year’s Resolutions 2021

Although I do believe that we can choose each and every second to make a resolution, I also enjoy taking time at the turn of a New Year to make some very specific resolutions for myself. Following I break down some very simple resolutions into specific and actionable items, or SMART. Looking forward to seeing how the follow-through goes!

Personal Resolution: Reading and Movement

According to this infographic, there are multiple benefits to reading just 6 minutes per day. Let’s go for ten!

Professional: Company Podcast with at least 5 Episodes

Although my current switch from the world of experiential education and travel to the once foreign jungle of the IT industry has not been without its bumps and false starts, I feel I’m finally starting to find a rhythm of my own within the company where I have worked since June, 2020, as Chief Learning Officer (CLO) in Pershing Technology Systems Corporation (PTSC). One of the things that I have most enjoyed in this company has been the amount of self-directed exploration and learning I’ve been able to do, especially with regards to putting together the internal company newsletter, utilising Microsoft’s Sway application and finding it surprisingly and pleasantly uncomplicated to navigate. As the newsletter has been a joy in exploring the ins and outs of the company, as well as exercising my own written Chinese language skills in combination with this new platform, I’m hoping to continue the once a month newsletter with the addition of starting an internal Chinese-language podcast, specifically for the employees within the company. My goal is to have at least 5 published Chinese language podcasts for 2021.

Link to the most recent internal newsletter for PTSC, called the “Passion Paper,” or 熱情月報

Parenting: Don’t look at my phone when holding my newborn

Musical: To learn one Japanese Enka (演歌) Song

Writing: Publish 3 Fully Chinese Blogs

Relationship: Pre-Sleep Massages

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