PTSC: Taking New Directions

Members of PTSC recently joined a two day trip outside of Taipei to take part in a schedule full of team-building activities, planning for the company’s 38th birthday celebration in October, as well as participating in inter-company workshops with Kimlan Foods 金蘭醬油 Company. The following article gives a rundown of the two days’ events, as well as the reactions and feedback from the participants. Quotes are written bilingually.

Members of PTSC take part in a team-building activity that focused on a hypothetical survival scenario. With the stakes raised and creative thoughts flowing, leaders stepped up under pressure and group decisions were made according to majority voting.

Go-Karts, Chinese Proverbs, and Artistic Expression

To reflect the fast space and speed of IT changes and innovation, go-kart racing seemed like a good place to start our two-day adventure.

很新鮮,又有搭配活動 — Very Fresh activities that matched each other well. — 王慶祥

Who would ever think that go-kart racing could be combined with knowledge of ancient Chinese proverbs?

Company Chair, Sean Chen marked the go-kart portion as his favourite part of the first day’s events, commenting that he likes “having fun to release the work pressure.”

CEO D.I. Lee displays his simple yet meaningful artistic representation of his coded message which was easily interpreted by his racing teammate, CFO Julia Yang.

Lunch Story Continues

PTSC’s Jimmy Chang enjoyed the lunch activity because it involved, “組隊,討論,尋找,分工 — creation of groups, discussion, exploration, and delegation.”

PTSC’s Mike Wang speaks about his team’s lunch experience in the afternoon. Their photo prominently features their restaurant’s waitress and a large glass of tea, their local product they had to highlight in their challenge.

Core Values, Survival and Rolling out Plans

因為要表達出自己的長處與短處,是需要面對現實的勇氣的 — In order to express one’s strengths and weaknesses you have to face this issue with a sense of courage and bravery. — Brian Chang

Sean, Avery, Nono, Julia, and Andy act out the PTSC core value of Passion with their pose.

很具有新意的內容發現自己和團隊不同的想法 — This was an innovative activity where we could discover and explore the diversity of thought across the team. — Cathy Mao

Everything in our hotel was baseball-themed. Definitely a place to go to reconnect with teammates.

Inter-Company Brainstorming with Kimlan Foods

Kimlan staff members take PTSC to show them the entire complex and explain the process of producing the world famous soy sauce.

讓自己成為老闆,了解經營市場困境,想辦法突破困境 — By putting myself in the boss’ shoes, I could better understand the challenges facing the market and think of solutions to break through these challenges — Kimlan participant

充滿互動及腦力激蕩 — Full of interaction and brainstorming — Kimlan participant

Two members of PTSC give solutions to problems that a transportation company might face.

今天的安排非常完美 — Today’s schedule of activities was perfect — PTSC participant

跟不同行業合作可以感受到對方與我們不同地方 — Through cooperation with different industries, we’re able to see issues from different angles — PTSC participant

Members of Kimlan Foods work hard to brainstorm solutions (yellow poster) for the challenges (blue poster) provided to them by the PTSC team.

思想無國界 — Thinking without borders or limits — Kimlan workshop participant

真的了解到在不同產業,都會遇到相同的問題 — If we really spend time trying to understand different industries, we can realise that we are all facing the same challenges — PTSC participant

A classroom can be anywhere, as long as we keep our hearts and minds open. We have more in common than we know. Sometimes we just have to open the door to one another’s vulnerabilities.



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