Wonkavision and the Tiger’s “Tail-Tooth”

The joys and wonders of Wonkavision presented on the big screen.

What is 尾牙 (Wei Ya)?

Map illustrating immigration patterns from mainland Fujian to mainland China from the 17th to 19th centuries with 45% of immigrants coming from Quanzhou County 泉州,35%coming from Zhangzhou County 漳州,and 16% coming from Chaozhou County 潮州. (Source)
This video was taken to wish colleagues at PTSC a Happy Year of the Cow in 2021, Pershing’s first foray into a completely online holiday message to its employees.
An image of the God of Wealth 福德正神
Although not during the actual 尾牙,one of the company’s new time-honored traditions is the mandatory beer-drinking competition. Here we see two colleagues chugging down suds with their own unique flair.
PTSC’s Honorary Chairman and Founder, Frank Chen, giving out one of the bigger cash prizes during 2022’s 尾牙 End-Year Party.
Here we see PTSC’s current Chairman, Sean Chen, punching a hole in a hollowed out prize-money lottery board. Within each of the squares are slips of paper with names of colleagues awaiting their chance for the lucky draw. Sean is also a shining representative of 2nd generation handover of leadership in the family business after his father officially stepped down in 2018.
As the 尾牙 also signaled the end-of-year occasion, it was time for the Year of the Cow to transform into the Year of the Tiger. Unable to keep their heads upright, seen here are PTSC’s two tiger mascots, ready for the transformation.

Behind the Camera

A 變臉 or “Mask Changing” performer graced the stage in the makeshift tv studio during 2022’s online 尾牙 party. Here the mystery performer wraps up his presentation by tossing audience members auspicious Chinese knots. Full of imagery and meaning, the knot represents a long life without setbacks.



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